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Ready to sell your house?

If you are planning to move in the future and want to address issues on a predetermined schedule consider the sellers inspection, and reduce the stress of trying to fix every issue in a short amount of time. A sellers inspection can range from a simple evaluation to a fully documented Move-In Certified inspection.

The inspection allows the homeowner the opportunity to complete any repairs if they so desire. Proof of all work that has been completed should be kept and presented to potential buyers.

A Move-In Certified Inspection is an effective way to put potential buyers at ease regarding the condition of your house. Buyers can simply use that inspection report, have us reinspect to verify nothing has changed, or use the inspector of their choice to do a final inspection. A yard sign will be placed next to the for sale sign and stay until the house is sold.

Often buyers either want an issue fixed, or negotiate money off the asking price and that can be more than the repair itself. Sell your house quicker and closer to your asking price with a sellers inspection.

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