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Personalized Approach

An honest and impartial visual inspection to TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) standards will give the buyer confidence that the largest purchase of their life isn’t one fraught with issues and can potentially save the buyer many times the amount of the inspection itself. But be prepared, we will tell you the truth about what we see either good or bad. Our goal is to put you in the best position to make an informed decision to go through with the purchase. Customer satisfaction truly is our number one goal.

Prior to your inspection:

We ask for a time to meet and prefer to begin the inspection 3 hours (depending on the size of the property) before that to complete the inspection, allowing us to focus entirely on the property. During the walkthrough, we will be going around the property answering any questions you have, and clearly explaining what we’ve found and why it is being called out.

The inspection is visual, detailing what was seen on the day of the inspection, checking:

Grading and drainage
The foundation
Exterior walls, doors and windows
Interior walls, doors and windows
Floors and ceilings
Attic structure
Porches, decks, carports

Pool and Spa, lawn irrigation sprinklers, termite, well, septic and FHA/HUD foundation certifications can be accommodated either by us or a third party specialist.

An infrared camera is used on all inspections, helping to detect moisture and energy leakage.

And please understand that your inspector isn't allowed to move any of the seller’s belongings, and there are some issues that aren’t always detectible. For instance, older dishwashers typically don’t clean as well as expected and HVAC systems can have a failure at any time. Rain during the inspection makes detecting leaks in pool/spa and water well piping virtually impossible, etc.

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