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Two basic types of commercial inspection will be quoted and will comply to ASTM Standards. A third option is also available; an individually tailored inspection to suit your particular requirements. The cost will be dependant on the scope of the inspection and the size of the building.
The first type of Commerical Inspection is structural and basic HVAC/plumbing/electrical. This inspection will include expected repairs over the next five years assuming proper maintenance and no unforeseen problems. A range of expected capital expense costs can also be included if desired.
The second Commercial Real Estate Inspection we offer is more detailed and labor intensive. This commercial inspection option will include all electrical outlets and lights, plumbing fixtures, doors and windows, ceilings, elevators, fire protection etc.
An estimated range of pricing for equipment repairs can also be added to the inspection. The length of the inspection will be dependent on the scope and size of the building, and the report will be often be completed the following business day.
We are very familiar with the needs and care of commercial real estate in Houston and will be happy to inspect your Houston area commercial real estate property.

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